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How do you get into Columbia?

I'm wondering the same thing, dude (or dudette :P). I'm really hoping I can get in, but I heard that Columbia's a relatively qualitative school when they look at your applicat (MORE)

Where is Columbia?

Actually, "Colombia" is a COUNTRY in South America.... BUT... "Columbia" is the CAPITAL of the state of South Carolina.   It is also a CITY/TOWN in: Alabama, California, Co (MORE)

What is Columbia?

Columbia is a name used for the Americas, especially North America, based on Christopher Columbus. It is the name of several US cities including the capital of South Carolina. (MORE)

Will Columbia have a revolution?

If the Tea Party Republicans have their way, who knows. If you are  curious about Colombia, South America, the answer  is: very probably not in the forseeable future. There (MORE)

What is guagua in Columbia?

'Guagua' is a word that is widely used in several South American  countries, but it can have different meanings in each one of them.  For instance, in Puerto Rico and in Dom (MORE)

What is famous in Columbia?

Colombia is famous for its coffee, listed as the best in the world.  Columbia is also famous for its emeralds, oil, beautiful women,  friendly and hardworking people.
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What is British Columbia?

British Columbia is a province in western Canada, the westernmost  of the provinces that border the US to the south. Only the Yukon  Territory (to its north) extends farther (MORE)

Who put the Columbia in British Columbia?

  The British Empire gave the name to British Columbia, back when it was a colony of theirs. They wanted to name the colony after the Columbia river, but were afraid if th (MORE)
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Is Brazil in Columbia?

No. Both Brazil and Columbia are independent countries. Brazil isin the continent of South America.
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