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Can you bring a camera to comic con?

yes. it is a good idea to bring a camera to comic con because you are bound to come across many impressive things to photograph such as celebrities and exhibits
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What do you do at comic con?

At Comic Con people dress up as characters or other people and walk  around. You can hang out in this room filled with stands and stores  or you can go and see the panels th (MORE)
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What year did Comic-con start?

It was founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention and later the San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1970.
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Do you have to wear a costume to a comic-con?

not necessarily. Most people will be wearing their fav manga/anime/cartoon character, but there'll be plenty of people just wearing nerdy t-shirts and jeans or just regular cl (MORE)
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Can you bring kids to comic con?

Yes, as long as they are old enough to not be frightened by some of  the costumes they may come across, they should be fine. If they are  younger, you may want to keep the v (MORE)
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What do people do at comic con?

There are a wide variety of events to attend , watch all the  cos-players and the many different characers , shop at many of the  booths and attend panels representing diffe (MORE)