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What is archeology?

Archaeology is the study of past human populations, their lifestyle and their culture through material remains.
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What is Commercialization?

Commercialization is when a company decides to launch it's new product into the market place. Commercialization requires the building of a marketing plan and budget to launch (MORE)

What is the difference between History and archeology?

History is recorded to describe events from the recorders point of view. Archeology is based on unearthed artifacts left behind. Much of answers are supposition and conjectu (MORE)

Is there any archeological evidence to support the Bible?

There is a huge amount of evidence which supports the Bible from  the field of archaeology. The archaeologist Dr, Clifford Wilson has  documented over 4000 of these discover (MORE)

Who is the father of archeology?

Ciriaco de' Pizzicolli, or Cyriacus of Ancona, is generally referred to as the Father of Archaeology. He wrote a famous six-volume archaeology day-book called Commentaria.
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How is chemistry used in archeology?

Chemistry can be used in archaeology in many different ways, the main being as a helpful tool in finding the age of the artifacts. this process is called carbon dating. Other (MORE)

What is the importance of archeology?

Archaeological remains are irreplaceable. They are evidence - for prehistoric periods, the only evidence - of the past development of our civilization. Today's archaeological (MORE)