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Is the great big bertha banned from use in competitions?

  competition with artilary is restricted to specific locations. Due to the nature of trajectory and "windage" combined with the charges required to propell a projectile i (MORE)

How can you get banned?

here are some ways how you can get banned below. ~Most people believe that you can get banned for swearing, however! They now created language so there is no way to get banne (MORE)

Why should competitive exams be banned?

Competitive Exams Should Not be banned as it is the only medium to fight with the competion among various jobs and it also give a chance to prove yourself and your qualities a (MORE)
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What is a competitism?

competitism is a boigeo chemichal by robert gaskin in hbw corporation By:ALLEN D. GONZALES I-YELLOWBELL

What is ban?

If you get banned you are not allowed to go in the game again(exept on that)
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How do you get banned?

Here are some things you can be banned for. You can get banned for being profane - even words that SOUND like swears can ban you. You need to know that swearing in a room with (MORE)

If steroids are banned in sport competitions why do they let women with fake breasts ie miss California compete in beauty pageants?

In short, *Most* Men enjoy large breasts.It's just a double standard.ANSWER: Most men do enjoy large breasts but as a man I can say there is nothing special about the image of (MORE)

What is the ban?

The "ban" refers to God's command to the Israelites "utterly destroy" the 7 tribes living in the land of Canaan (Deut. 7:1,2) Jerusalem Bible translates as "curse of destructi (MORE)
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Should competitive sports be banned?

This is a very opinionated question, so I don't believe you will  find a definitive answer here. Different people have different  opinions and thoughts in this category.
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