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Which is a complex sentence?

Complex sentences are sentences that have an independent clause anda dependent clause. An example of a complex sentence is John leftwhen his sister arrived.

What is culture complex?

It this context, it seems they mean an art center. It is important in improving the quality of everyone's life, that young people be made sensitive to elements of society that (MORE)

What is a complex?

A sentence with at least one independent clause and one dependentclause is known as a complex sentence. A complex is also a group ofbuildings that are related in some way.

What is activated complex?

An activated complex is essentially a collection of structures inone place. These occur when bonds are breaking apart and formingnew bonds.
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What is a complex poem?

Well it's ur face of course no really this is what I was this stupid website but instead of telling me the answer it told me to answer!! If u know please answer pls
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What is a Gutenberg complex?

Gutenberg complex means when one is searching rescue/comfort in written text. One that has no own thoughts, but cites and depends on somebody else's written thoughts.