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How many people were convinced of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials?

Between February 1692 and May 1693, over 150 people were arrested and imprisoned, with even more accused who were not formally pursued by the authorities. The two courts convi (MORE)
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What is the meaning of social condemnation?

Social condemnation refers to a strong and general dislike by the  public. While social condemnation does not lead to legal  consequences, the impact can be devastating.
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What does condemned mean?

In terms of a person, condemned means "pronounced to be wrong, guilty, worthless, or forfeited; adjudged or sentenced to punishment, destruction, or confiscation." In terms o (MORE)

How does Bacon's Rebllion and Salem witchcraft trials reflected tensions in colonial society?

con's rebellion (1676) involved a group of former indentured servants who were now freed and roaming the countryside without work or money desiring Governor Berkley to punish (MORE)

Common mental diseases that could have been mistaken for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials?

I am going to list symptoms alongside with Mental Disorders... "things" that could have been construed as Witchcraft.   Epilepsy, Tic Disorders (such as Tourettes), Night T (MORE)

Who says that witchcraft trials are a black mischief in the crucible?

John Proctor says this ironic statement about witchcraft trials to  his wife, Elizabeth, in Arthur Miller's play The Crucible.  Witchcraft was known as "black mischief" as i (MORE)