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What is confirmation?

Confirmation There are a few answers to this question, From both a Roman Catholic perspective as well as an Episcopal (Anglican) perspective, Confirmation is a 'sacrament' ( Full Answer )
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What does confirmation do to you?

Let's you be a commitment to Christ and to the Church. . Catholic Answer Confirmation completes baptism. . from The Catechism of the Catholic Church , second edition, ( Full Answer )
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When do you have confirmation?

You usually have your Confirmation when you are 11 / 12 years old. Roman Catholic Answer Confirmation may be administered anytime after baptism. In the Eastern Church it is ( Full Answer )
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When is your confirmation?

normally, when your about 12 or 13, but you can have it anytime afterthat really
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How do you do the confirmation?

Many catholic school have their students confirmed in either grade 6 or grade 8. However, if you have not been confirmed and want to be confirmed, you should talk to your pari ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your confirmation?

For people who want to be confirmed, it is best to contact the pastor of the parish and discuss it with him.
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What do you do after confirmation?

There is seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. Here they are in order. Baptism Reconciliation Eucharist/Communion Confirmation Marriage Holy Orders Anointing ( Full Answer )
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What will you do in confirmation?

Confirmation is a Sacrament and a Coming-of Age for a young Christian. When a young person is Confirmed, he/she receives the Gifts Of the Holy Spirit.
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Where can you be confirmed?

Any consecrated church though in theory it could probably in extremis (in an emergency or extreme situation) be done anywhere which is suitable for it without things such as p ( Full Answer )
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How to get a confirmation?

In the Catholic Church, the young person writes to his/her priest requesting to be Confirmed. That is just how Catholics do it though.