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How is consensus used in a sentence?

If you know how to use the word "agreement" in a sentence, then just subsitute the two words. Where the sentence would read "My team and I have reached an agreement on who sho (MORE)
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What is crime?

A crime is an action that one takes that breaches or violates the  law in some way. It can be from running a stop sign to robbing a  bank. In short, a crime is an illegal ac (MORE)

What is the influence of the conflict and consensus theories on a teacher's work?

According to my interviewee: there so many instances that affect my work by conflict and consensus theory In Consensus Theory, for example i have a students that are hard (MORE)
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What is natural crime and legal crime?

  Answer   Natural crime is one that is mala in se, or wrong in itself. This means that it is known as being wrong reguardless of the circumstances. Legal crime is ma (MORE)

Use consensus in a sentence?

When we were in class we had to all come to a consensus on which cookie to choose to eat.
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What is the What is the difference between consent and consensus?

Consensus, is a shared agreement. It seeks to maximize agreement.  Consent based decision making seeks to reveal and address dissent,  but specifically requires that dissent (MORE)

What was the cold war consensus?

  During the cold war, when both political parties of the US agreed to work together to triumph over the global threat of communism. Both parties agreed to do everything i (MORE)

What is the importance of Consensus in Islam?

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام علي رسول الله Consensus is a very important aspect of Islam as it serves as a means of the Ummah sticking together (MORE)