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What is consideration?

consideration is like accpetting/thinking about something that someone asked you like going out with them are going to a party and anything that you think this word means in y (MORE)

What is construction?

Construction is the building of almost anything. It is the processof creating and building infrastructure or a facility.
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What does constructive?

Someone who is constructive makes new things or old things better. No just physical, but ideas also.

Why a past consideration is not a good consideration?

Do you mean consideration for contract formation? To have a bargain, you have to be willing to give something up. For example, if we had a contract for the purchase of your ca (MORE)
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Is considerably an adverb?

Yes; if the "ly" ending didn't give it away, it's used to modify adjectives: considerably larger, considerably cheaper, etc. "Considerably" is an adverb.

Why past consideration is not good consideration?

Past consideration is not good consideration because it is not contingent on the responding consideration. For example, suppose I gave you $20 on Tuesday as a gift. And then (MORE)