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Is this book right anarchists cook book?

\nThe Anarchist Cookbook, first published in 1971, is regarded by some Anarchists as being perhaps an Agent Provocateur- type government sponsored publication.\n. \nIt offers (MORE)
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Which cook book is the best cook book?

This question is much too broad. What type of cooking - low fat, healthy, italian, american, mexican, cajun? Please specify. A good all-American way to go is any Better Homes (MORE)

What is a good everyday cook book?

i have got a good cook book that is called "learning to cook" The recipes are easy at the beginning but the recipes get harder and harder the farther you get into the book. (MORE)

What goes into a cook book?

In a comprehensive cookbook you start with recipes, table of contents once you have decided on the recipes, categories such as breads, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, cooki (MORE)

How do you write a cook book?

First, gather a lot of recipes -- you should test each one to be sure the directions are very plain and easy to follow, and to be sure that you like the way the food tastes! (MORE)

How do you start writing a cook book?

you save all your recipes until you think you have enough, and put them in whatever order you like. (edit) Write down any recipes you come up with, and store them in a f (MORE)

When was the first cooking book invented?

The first cookbooks were private journals that cooks wrote themselves to remind them of specific dishes. They did not have either the complete ingredients list or the detailed (MORE)

What is the subject of a cook book?

A cook book will contain recipes or meals or individual dishes. Some even have stories or pictures to assist the reader/chef at home. Almost all will list the ingreidents and (MORE)