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At what point in history was corpulence in fashion?

Answer . \nMiddle ages England and renaissance Italy. It was basically a statement that the person had more than enough to eat and was successful; being thin meant you were ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a sentence with the word corpulent?

The corpulent man loves eating. The main reason Analise didn't make the Swim Team was because of her corpulent body. Every time she dived in the pool, half of the wate ( Full Answer )
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What is a corpulent connoisseur?

Corpulent means someone that is plump, overweight, obese. A connoisseur is an expert, judge or adept in something.
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What is a sentence with the word corpulent?

She had a round silver tea kettle that resembled a corpulent little man doing the I'm A Little Teapot dance. The corpulent cop huffed and puffed to catch up with his ru ( Full Answer )
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What is another word for corpulent?

obese, heavy, fat, overweight, bulky, rotund, weighty, large, plump, burly, big, beefy, fleshy, stout, tubby, portly, roly-poly, rotund, well-padded, fatty, blubbery, chubby, ( Full Answer )
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How would corpulent be used in a sentence?

Santa Claus is said to be old, jolly and corpulent. Once thin and active, she's now middle aged and corpulent. Tired of her corpulent shape, she started an exercise program. ( Full Answer )