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How Real Estate Online Training Courses Work?

Online courses work exactly as regular "in the classroom" courses do-- you sign up, you pay the fees, you are sent the materials, you begin your studies, you take tests on the (MORE)

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What is real estate?

Real estate refers to land, as well as any physical property orimprovements affixed to the land, including houses, buildings,landscaping, fencing, wells, etc
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What does Real mean as in Real Estate?

The word 'Real' in Real Estate stems from the Spanish word meaning Royal as in 'Real Madrid' and pertains to the historic era in which immovable property was only owned by Roy (MORE)

What education and training is required to become a real estate agent?

Answer   In most states you just have to pass a test. There are no real education requirements.   Answer   Here's some info published by the U.S. Department of La (MORE)

How do you do real estate?

I believe you are asking, how do you get started in this career.   Depending on the state you are in, the licensing requirements may  vary. The process is usually somethi (MORE)

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What training to take to become a real estate agent?

If you are living in Australia you can go to TAFE and take a property course or you can go to an agency which will train you through an apprenticeship program. But if you ar (MORE)

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Is real estate and estate the same?

No. Real estate refers to land and anything permanently attached to  it.    Estate refers to all the property a person owns or all the  property, both real and person (MORE)