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What is correspondence?

Correspondence is usually written communication between individuals, or businesses, or between businesses and their clients. The term more generally means a matching up (not n ( Full Answer )
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What are corresponding answers?

To know what the corresponding answers are a person will need toknow what the question and answers are. Without knowing this therereally is not a way to know the correct answe ( Full Answer )
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What is official correspondence?

official correspondence is memo, letter, circular and other official letter in a office.official correspondence define only official works include all action of work ( Full Answer )
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Is it correspond with or correspond to?

If 'correspond' is being used in the context of communication:- You "correspond with" someone. The reason for this is that the verb correspond implies a two way flow of lett ( Full Answer )
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Correspond in a sentence?

How long did you correspond with your penpal in China? Each number on the fast food menu corresponds to a different value meal. Have you been able to correspond with your fa ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between correspondent and correspondence?

A correspondent is a person who engages in correspondence (the exchange of written communication). The other uses of the term correspondent are not directly connected to th ( Full Answer )
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What are correspondence schools?

Correspondence schools are basically schools that teach you from exactly where you are at with out going to a school institution building. Another term is distance learning.
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Who are Correspondence Schools for?

Correspondence Schools are for individuals who can not physically be in a school and would like to be taught from a distance. For example online courses or through the mail.
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When correspondence started?

When the British send soldiers to the colonies and so they couldn't meet in houses so that's why they started it and some colones where to far a part
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What is are corresponding sides?

Corresponding angles (also called F angles) are ang les that are the same on parallel lines (lines at the same angle next to each other) with a bisecting angle (a line that cu ( Full Answer )