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Should adults with cortical dysplasia not have children?

Although Cortical Dysplasias can cause Epilepsy in some, it doesn't cause it in everyone. The brain has an amazing ability to re-wire itself after injury. It is possible that (MORE)

What is a cortical cyst of the kidney?

The simple renal cyst is a benign non-neoplastic mass of unknown etiology arising in renal parenchyma (cortical cyst) or within the sinus region (parapelvic cyst). The uncompl (MORE)
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What is cortical or sub-cortical dysfunction?

Cortical dysfunction refers to a problem with the cortex in the  brain. It is the part of the brain that controls motor function.  This kind of problem is seen with people w (MORE)
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What size is considered large for a cortical cyst?

cortical cyst is very common. In most cases, they are not serious and even cause no symptoms if the cysts are less than 3-5 cm. When the cyst exceeds 5 cm in diameter, it is (MORE)

Diffuse cortical atrophy?

Diffuse cortical atrophy is degeneration of brain cells that can be  caused by genetics, an injury, or age-related. A disease like  Alzheimer's can present symptoms of corti (MORE)

What is renal cortical cyst?

Renal cortical cysts are fluid filled sacs that develop near the  kidneys. Although they can reach sizes of over 15 centimeters, they  are usually benign and cause no advers (MORE)
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What does it mean by cerebral cortical atrophy?

Cerebral atrophy is the progressive loss of brain cells over a period of time. Cerebral atrophy can affect the entire brain or just a portion. In the case of your question, th (MORE)