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How did Justinian treat Belisarius?

At first, Justinian treated Belisarius like any normal general, and then better than a regular general, because he was so successful. Later, however, he began to feel threaten (MORE)
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Why was belisarius important?

He was a general. He defended an empire attack in four  directions. He also recaptured the lands of the Western Roman  Empire.

How do you count from 1 to 20 in Japanese?

一 - ichi 二 - ni 三 - san 四 - yon/shi 五 - go 六 - roku 七 - nana/shichi 八 - hachi 九 - kyuu 十 - juu 十一 - juu-ichi 十二 - juu-ni (MORE)

Who was Belisarius?

Belisarius was a Byzantine general working under King Justinian. Justinian wanted to reunite the Roman Empire and bring back Rome's glory. To accomplish this, he had to conque (MORE)

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