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What is a cover letter for?

Answer A cover letter is a letter accompanying your resume in job application. It is a very influential tool to get an interview. Since the average advertised job opening usua (MORE)

What is the Covering letter of cheque?

  A covering letter explains what the cheque is for, giving all the necessary details so that the payment can be credited correctly. It should contain, for example; an (MORE)

What should be avoided with cover letters?

a few tips: - your cover letter isn't a repeat of your resume - your cover letter should be customized to the reader - what is important to them? - don't have it longer than 3 (MORE)

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How do you write cover letter for embassy?

Writing a cover letter for an Embassy should be very professional. The official title with the address should appear in the letter head. Just below list the recipient properly (MORE)
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What does the body of a cover letter include?

Assuming you're talking about a cover letter for an employment  vacancy.   The letter should include your full name, postal address, phone  number(s) and email address ( (MORE)