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What is a critique?

A critique can either be a critical analysis of a work (like a book, story, painting, sculpture) -- or it can be a critical evaluation of a work-in-progress where you tell the ( Full Answer )
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How do you critique a movie?

First, watch the movie! . Write down key factors, important moments, and all of the lead actors/actresses (or any with significant roles) . Note the elements of the story ( Full Answer )
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How do you critique an article?

You have to analyze an article in order to critique it. You want toassess the author's use of literary elements, instead ofsummarizing it.
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What is critiquing an article?

Critiquing something means that you look a piece of work over and let the creator know what can be improved in it.
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How do you critique a film?

Simply watch a film, tell all that you liked or hated about the film, post it on a blog or as a video and their, you have critiqued a movie, Congradulations!
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Can you critique my writing?

WikiAnswers is not really a writing critique site. I have linked some good writing critique sites for you below - also, some Related Questions about how to edit and critique y ( Full Answer )
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How do you critique a poem?

Here's a good way to critique poetry: . Read the poem two or three times to get a good idea of how the poem flows . Figure out what style the poem is - see the link below ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with critique?

1 syllable : baek, beak, beeck, beek, bleak, cheek, chic, cleek, clique, creak,creek, deak, deike, dieck, eke, feick, fleek, freak, geac, geek,gieck, greek, heeke, leak, le ( Full Answer )
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What is an aesthetic critique?

Simply put a critique is a critical analysis of a work (like abook, story, painting, sculpture). An aesthetic critique would therefore be a critical analysisrelating specifica ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for critique?

A sentence for the word critique might be "He wanted to critiqueher poetry but decided not to". The word critique means tocriticize or to judge the quality of.