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What did you learn from your traditional Asian theater music activities?

I did learn that the Asian culture is not only rich but also  diverse during the traditional Asian theater music activities.
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What kind of music is popular today?

It really depends on the age group. Mainstream pop music is probably the thing people listen to the most, (sadly) with artists like One Direction and Selena Gomez.      (MORE)
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How does music influence people today?

Music can influence many people in many different ways. It all depends on the music and/or the person. It can affect a person's mood or even the growth of a plant. It has been (MORE)
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What is the name of traditional musical instrument of mindanao?

There are a few different traditional musical instruments native to  Mindanao. Most of these are wooden flute like instruments and gong  or percussion type instruments. The (MORE)
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Where is Croatia?

Croatia is a country in the South-East of Europe. It is parallel to Italy and it is surrounded by the following countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia
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Why is traditional music important to your culture?

Traditional music is contemporary to keep the heritage of that area alive. Most of the festivals and ceremonies of my country are connected to the traditions of our ancestors (MORE)

What is the difference between traditional music and folk music?

Traditional music is something that's created and shared in a community, not by individuals. The songs "belong" to everyone and are made by amateurs, without being written dow (MORE)