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Is sodium flammable?

Sodium itself is NOT flammable but it reacts explosively  when it comes in contact with water, releasing an enormous amount  of heat. The sodium-water reaction also produces (MORE)

Why is sodium malleable but sodium chloride is not?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a crystal lattice structure at a molecular level, while sodium itself (Na) is a pure element and also metallic. A pure element in it's natural state (MORE)

Is sodium toxic?

Pure sodium is not safe to ingest, and is very lethal. However, the sodium that is in your food is not toxic in moderation.
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What is sodium?

Sodium is an element found in several minerals, typically as a salt such as sodium chloride (table salt). In its pure metal form, it is highly reactive with water. -- Sodi (MORE)

Does sodium rust?

Sodium corrodes extremely rapidly. A freshly exposed surface can  form an oxidized layer in seconds. Sodium reacts violently with  water.
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Are sodium and sodium bicarbonate the same?

No. Sodium, or Na, is an element on the periodic table. Sodium bicarbonate is also known as baking soda and is a compound made of sodium, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.
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In sodium chloride what percentage is sodium?

Calculating the percentage of sodium in sodium chloride by  weight:   In order to calculate the percentage of sodium in sodium chloride,  you need to know the RAM (Relat (MORE)

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Is sodium the same as sodium chloride?

No. Sodium chloride is a compound (a salt) with the chemical  formula NaCl. It is a relatively harmless substance that we  regularly put in food   Sodium is a chemical e (MORE)