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What is cruseds?

I presume you mean The Crusades. The Crusades were Holy Wars in the 11th to 13th centuries waged by Christians from western Europe to regain the holy city of Jerusalem from th (MORE)
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What does the move Cruse do?

Curse, for Ghost-types, cuts their HP in half to lay a curse on an opponent which cuts 1/4th of the opponent's HP each turn. For all the other types, Curse lowers the user's S (MORE)

Who is Sherri Cruse?

She is a female motorcycling competitor in the motocross sphere. I believe she is related ( possible sister) of the late aviatrix ( and stunt pilot professional at that) Vicki (MORE)
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Who is Vada Jane Cruse?

Vada Jane Cruse (born 3rd August, 2001) is a young singer-songwriter on YouTube. She has written her own songs and sung them in her videos and also covered many songs.