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What is cryptic coloration?

Cryptic coloration is another word for camouflage, the ability to blend in to the surroundings. See link below for more information.
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What does cryptic mean?

It means mysterious or difficult to understand; of a hidden nature. Synonyms include puzzling, inexplicable, enigmatic, or arcane.
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Cryptic in a sentence?

the letter to the editor was so cryptic that i couldn't be certain what the writer had actually intended to say.
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What is a cryptic tonsil?

Cryptic tonsils are pockets in the tonsils that accumulate food and other debris, cause bad breath and occasionally sore throat . Cryptic tonsils are also called tonsil stone ( Full Answer )
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What is cryptic contamination?

A cryptic contamination is a possible result of using antibiotics in a cell culture. Some microorganisms like mycoplasma are resistant to antibiotics and will still grow slo ( Full Answer )
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What is a Cryptic Joke?

A joke with a very shady punchline. A good example is the fact that you categorized this in "Human and Animal Interaction".
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What is cryptic growth?

Death Regeneration, including growth and lysis. Lysis followed by growth on the secondary substrate arising from the decay. Some microorganism (mo) may not able to use lysate ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of cryptic?

Cryptic is an adjective meaning "difficult to understand, obscure,deliberately made unknowable". It is often used to describe writtenand spoken communications and usually impl ( Full Answer )
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What is cryptic colouration?

Cryptic coloration is a specific type of camouflage used by some species of animals. These animals have external coloration that blends in with their surroundings, such as arc ( Full Answer )