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What is the culture in Sydney Australia?

Sydney is a western style city with a verycosmopolitan population. However the majority of Sydneysider have a western European and British background. There is also a strong r (MORE)

What other cultures are present in Australia?

There is Australian culture and Australian Indigenous culture. Due to the fact that Australia is such a popular place for migrants, virtually every culture in the world is re (MORE)

What are the cultural differences between Afghanistan and Australia?

there are many cultural difference between these two countries. Afghanistan might have a few different languages and not much varieties of foods and life style whereas Austral (MORE)

Is Australia a cultural hearth?

Australia has many cultures within it and most of them are fairly well isolated from each other as the result of racism and xenophobia. so tends to be a bit of a cultural wast (MORE)

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What impact did geography have on cultures of Australia?

Australia's isolation meant that once the first people made it to Australia, they had no more contact with other cultures until the 1600s, when European explorers arrived. Th (MORE)