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What are recombinant cytokines?

  Recombinant cytokines, i.e., cytokines produced by expression from suitable cloning vectors containing the desired cytokine gene, can be expressed in yeast(see: Saccharo (MORE)

What are the uses of cytokines?

Cytokines are a category of signaling molecules that, like hormones and neurotransmitters, are used extensively in cellular communication. They are proteins, peptides or glyco (MORE)

What are cytokines?

The term "cytokine" is derived  from a combination of two Greek words - "cyto" meaning cell and  "kinos" meaning movement. Cytokines encompasses a wide range of  low-weight (MORE)

Do t cells secrete cytokines?

Yes. T cells can differentiate into several kinds of T cells such as Tregs, Th1, Th2, Th3, Th17 and others. Each specialized T cell can be be characterized (to some degree) by (MORE)
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How is plant cell cytokines different from animal cell cytokines?

Animal Cells: Toward the end of telephase the the plasma membrane pinches off along the equator of the cell. The two new cells are separated. Plant Cells: The cell plate is (MORE)
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Are cytokines a chemical?

Cytokines encompasses a wide range of low-weight molecular proteins  (~5-20 kDa).They are released by cells,so produced by organism and  not by chemical reaction.Meretciel o (MORE)
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What are cytokins?

Plants hormone that promotes cell division by stimulating  production of proteins required for mitosis and cytokinesis.