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What are the Daleks?

The daleks were created by terry nation and were based on the Nazis, because when he was a child he was in the 2nd world war and that's why the daleks speak in a demanding hig ( Full Answer )
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What is a Dalek?

Daleks are (possibly the most familiar) antagonists in the British sci-fi series, Doctor Who. They are Kaled mutants operating within individual mobile weapons platforms co ( Full Answer )
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Who was Dalek Caan?

The Emperor of the Daleks created a group of Daleks to "think like the enemy thinks", in other words, figure out ways of killing, technology and ways of survival that no norma ( Full Answer )
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Which Dalek is better Dalek Sec or Dalek Caan?

This is debatable. Dalek Sec : He is the only black-coloured Dalek, showing his authority. He was chosen by the Dalek Emperor himself to lead the Cult of Scaro. He trigge ( Full Answer )
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Can Daleks die?

Yes, although they are quite hard to kill. Usually they die by being blown up.
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What do the arms of a dalek do?

The left 'arm' is the weapon stalk, for exterminating. The right is the 'plunger', a manipulator tool. Daleks have been shown to kill with it, and their own technology is de ( Full Answer )
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Where do daleks live?

Daleks do not exactly *live* anywhere. They do have there home planet but that is destroyed now so they can`t go there. The Daleks right now are probably in a their spaceship ( Full Answer )
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Do the daleks have a weakness?

Their only known weakness is their eye stalk. It's been said in numerous episodes of Doctor Who that if the center of the eye stalk is destroyed, it renders the Dalek blind an ( Full Answer )
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What are daleks like?

Well, seeing as their vocabulary consists mainly of "EXTERMINATE!" my guess is that you wouldn't want one as a pet.
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What is a daleks personalite?

They are very angry beings with short tempers and think if themselves the superior beings of the world. They are intent on cleansing the universe of anyhting non-dalek.