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Does Jon Krakauer have and children?

"hello there this is hottie102's friend i will be answering this question. no Jon does not have kids i looked him up to see if he was married and had kids no he is not marri (MORE)

Who was David of David and Goliath married to?

David won Michal's hand in marriage when he fulfilled King Saul's challenge to kill 100 Philistines all by himself. Michal was King Saul's daughter. King Saul hated David beca (MORE)

What did David do?

he killed the giant with a rock when his brothers were afraid of him but David killed him! yay!
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Why do you think Jon Krakauer is still alive today in the book Into the Wild?

Jon Krakauer is still alive today because he wrote the book Into  the Wild about the tragic death of Christopher McCandless in  the wilds of Alaska. Krakauer interwove stori (MORE)