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Who is Leonardo davinci?

Leonardo Davinci was an painter, sculptor, scientist, sculptor, anatomist, mathematician, engineer, botanist, architect, musician, writer and an inventor and he was very famou (MORE)

What is the DaVinci Code about?

The DaVinci Code is a book (also made into a movie) about a symbologist who is trying to help solve a murder of which he's accused. Knights Templar history and biblical stori (MORE)

Why is Leonardo davinci famous?

He was an inventor and an artist. He is most famous for the painting "Mona Lisa." *Da Vinci was a mathematician, an inventor, and a painter. He is famous for both his inven (MORE)

How did DaVinci die?

He died in France while living in the French court. Reports state he was ill and died. He died May 2, 1519 at 67 years old.
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When was davinci born?

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 as an illegitimate son to Piero da Vinci, a notary, and a peasant woman, Caterina in the town of Vinci (which is in the province o (MORE)