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What is Groove Metal?

  Groove Metal cannot really be explained in words (other than by the word "awesome"). Basically it is a type of metal that relies heavily on good drumwork and on a very c (MORE)
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What is the groove on a knife for?

The fullers (grooves) on knives are primarily to reduce weight without reducing strenght. They are mainly for larger blades. Many people refers to these grooves as "blood groo (MORE)

Why are there grooves on tires?

So the water you drive through will be channelled through the grooves to prevent aquaplaning.
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What are lands and grooves?

These are the 2 terms used in describing the rifling found inside the barrel of a firearm.The word lands refers to the raised portion of the rifling,and the grooves refers to (MORE)
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What is Land and groove?

a land and groove is a part of a gun. you find details on it.

Why are there grooves on a quarter?

The grooves are called "reeding" and are a holdover from the days  when coins were made of silver. Before reeding was introduced,  criminals would scrape the edges of silver (MORE)

Why is is there dawgs?

i am going to guess your question is why is there dogs and if that is what you asked keep reading OK well i have a few things to say 1 is that dogs probably think why are ther (MORE)