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Are The Beatles dead?

John was assassinated in 1980 by Mark David Chapman, and George died from cancer. Paul and Ringo are still alive and still playing music. Back in the days of the Beatles the (MORE)

How can you get money?

There are six major ways a person can acquire money: 1) Work: The person must sign up for a form of employment that will provide him with a paycheck for his services to the (MORE)
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Name the man responsible for the rule that a person must be dead before they can appear on your money?

Technically, George Washington is responsible for this rule given  that he declined to be placed on U.S. coins while he was still  alive. This decision began the long tradit (MORE)

What do they do to a dead body?

When a person has been pronounced dead, what will be done next will depend upon where he died, when he died, why he died, and the wishes of the family. If the death occurs in (MORE)

Who is dead in bleach?

Lots of people are dead in Bleach. But as far as major characters: Human: Masaki Kurosaki Uryu's unnamed mother (presumed) Oscar Joaquin de la Rosa Sora Inoue Soken Ishida Shi (MORE)
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Is dead semen dead sperm?

Semen, the fluid that carries sperm out of the body, is not alive. The sperm are the tiny swimmers in the semen that can cause pregnancy, and they are indeed alive for awhile (MORE)

Can i find out who a dead person owes money to?

If they're dead they don't owe anything to anyone. If it was you, apparently you missed your opportunity to collect while they were still alive. Other than that, you need to k (MORE)