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What is the value of nios board?

its value is same like other boards, but you have to keep a good aggregate percentage so that no one could underestimate you due to your background from nios

What difference between CBSE and nios?

NIOS is equivalent to other boards like CBSE and ICSE. The only difference is that it is open schooling as compared to the regular classroom concept that other boards have. It (MORE)
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Is nios valid for jee main or advance?

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a reconiged body andstudents are eligible for JEE Main / Advanced.

NIO is the acronym for which organization?

NIO is an acronym formultiple organisations such as Neurotechnology Industry Organisation and National Institute of Oceanography. A search for 'NIO' yields the National Instit (MORE)
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Identify the tense of the verb phrase had already performed in the sentence below Dan had already performed the song when I walked into the cafe and eacute.?

Had performed is past perfect tense (already is not part ofthe verb phrase). walked is past simple. When past simple and past perfect are used together like this onetense (MORE)