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Who are the Liverpool defenders?

the main ones are: Carragher, Finnan, Riise, Hyypia, Agger and Hobbs. Aurelio and Arbeloa have played as defenders as well
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What is a defendant?

The defendant is the person who is being sued in a lawsuit.. the person in a trial who is accused of a crime!!!!! .
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Can a public defender refuse to defend?

Yes they can! A conflict of interest is the usual explanation, illness and inability to defend due to excessive case-load are other reasons. Also a public defender can refuse ( Full Answer )
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How do raccoons defend?

Raccoons often try to run or hide, a mother raccoon will hide her young and run away to create a diversion for the predator. If a raccoon is cornered or cannot escape his en ( Full Answer )
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Who defended Thermopylae?

A force from several Greek cities numbering about 7,000 led by the Spartan king Leonidas.
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What rhymes with defended?

bended, blended, ended, mended, splendid, tended, attended, contented, depended, descended, offended, pretended, suspended, apprehended, comprehended, unattended, unintended
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Who is not a defender in soccer?

There are four basic positions in soccer. Some of these are divided into left, wing, middle, and so on. but the four basic positions are: 1. Goalie/Goalkeeper 2. Defender 3. ( Full Answer )
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Who and what are defenders in hockey?

Defenders in ice hockey are the two players in the back. They are to help the golie in their zone and keep the puck in the offensive zone.