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What is the difference between delete and delete?

delete is used to destroy a single object. It will call the destructor of the object and free the memory.. delete[] is used to free the memory which was allocated using new [ (MORE)

How do you completely delete deleted files?

Since the windows delete and emptying the recycle bin does not completely delete the file you need to use a shredder program so that the file is overwritten with random data a (MORE)
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How can delete it?

what you want to delete? if you want to delete the delete watchdog.sys,I have a good way for you.

What happens to a deleted file when it is deleted?

It depends on the operating system/file system, but most of the time, it stays exactly where it is and the computer just "forgets its address." That is, the data stays on the (MORE)

How can i delete it?

Type your answer here... u can delete apage either by looking for the place where u are asked to cancel the page.

When something is deleted how is it deleted?

Here is it .... Every data stored in the hdd is addressed by pointer that points to the memory location of where the data is stored .. When u delete a particular data only the (MORE)

How can you delete a program that wont delete?

One should not delete a program,programs can never be deleted they should always be uninstalled.Deleting a program can never help because if you delete a program u will not se (MORE)

How delete key deletes character?

It deletes text to the right of the cursor. If some text isselected, it will delete all of that text at once.