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Can you delete a puffle?

You can't delete a puffle on Club Penguin. Don't play with it, feed it, walk it or put it to sleep and it will go back to the wild. Then you will get a postcard saying where y (MORE)

How do you delete system32?

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Never delete System32 considering without those files your computer will never reboot again and it will legitimately die. If you have a virus, l (MORE)

How can you delete a file?

  Highlight the file and push the delete key while holding shift. If you have a virus, you did post this question in viruses, then you will want to use a cleaner like AVG, (MORE)
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How do you delet a app?

go on to the homescreen and hold down your finger on the app you want to delete then all of the apps on that page should wobble and then just simply click on the cross on the (MORE)

How do you delete MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase?

Babies From The MoonIn Windows, in My Computer, right-click on the System Volume Information folder and pick Properties from the context menu. Uncheck Read Only and pick Apply (MORE)

How do you delete your history?

+ctrl+shift+delete only for firefox   A word of caution though - you will not succeed in removing ALL  traces of what you have been up to on your computer unless you  co (MORE)
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How do you delete Pokemon?

you don't,for any Pokemon game that i know of you just go to menu and go to your Pokemon and release them not delete k bye bye i hope this answer was helpful
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Can cache be deleted?

Individual lines of cache can, but instructions to do so are often privileged thus not directly available to user code.
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