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Who is the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic?

Petr Nečas is the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. He became the 9th Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic on 2010 June 28. Prior to this he had been the Minister of Lab (MORE)

Do snakes live in Czech Republic?

Yes, common European viper and grass snake do live thre in small quantities.
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How do you pronounce Czech Republic?

Pronunciation: chek ri-puhb-lik We all know how to pronounce "republic", but "Czech" is a little harder. "Czech" sounds a lot like the English word "check". Just remember tha (MORE)

Is Hungary part of the Czech Republic?

No, Hungary is an absolutely independent country, it does not even have boarders with Czech Republic. But its close, though.
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What was the Czech Republic called before it was known as the Czech Republic?

It was half of Czechoslovakia.Bits of it were known as Bohemia and Sudetenland. Actually, when Czechoslovakia was created in 1918 (carved out of the defeated Austro-Hungaria (MORE)

What is Czech Republic national bird?

There is no "official" national bird in Czech culture. But Czechs often uses attributes of falcon (Sokol) - this bird gave name to the biggest Czech national organization. Sok (MORE)
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What is a seaport of the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country (that is, it does not have a coastline) and its biggest river port is in the town Decin on the River Elbe, which gives access to Ham (MORE)