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What is a Dendritic settlement?

A settlement characterized by a concentrated center of political/economic control that exerts influence over a series of smaller less significant settlements over a a great di (MORE)

Axons and dendrites?

There are 2 types OS nerve fibers, called axons and dendrites. The axons carry nerve impulses away from the cellbody, while dendrites carry them towards the cell body.

What are Dendritic cells?

Dendritic cells are antigen presenting cells that are a part of your adaptive immunity. They are responsible for activating your T and B cells in your secondary lymph system.
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What is dendrite?

Dendrites are short extensions branching off of a neuron, along which impulses from other nerve cells are transmitted to the cell body.  ()()   . (MORE)
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What is the job of the dendrite?

To receive and send neurotransmitters throughout the body sending information between the brain and the senses / muscles in order to allow movement and senses.

What does the dendrite branch do?

Dendrites are important in neurology because they receive electric impulses and are essential for nerve cells.
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