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What is a Dendritic settlement?

A settlement characterized by a concentrated center of political/economic control that exerts influence over a series of smaller less significant settlements over a a great di (MORE)
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What is the function of dendrites?

dendrites conduct the electrochemical stimulation receive from other neural cells to the cell body It receive the information from ending oxon
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What are dendrites?

Thin fibers that branch out from the cell body of a nerve. They bring info to cell body and receive nervous signals from other neurons through connections called synapses. (MORE)
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What are Dendritic cells?

Dendritic cells are antigen presenting cells that are a part of your adaptive immunity. They are responsible for activating your T and B cells in your secondary lymph system.
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What is dendrite?

Dendrites are short extensions branching off of a neuron, along which impulses from other nerve cells are transmitted to the cell body. . ()() .
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What is function dendrites?

Assuming that the question is What is the function of the dendrites ? The answer is:. Dendrites receive incoming information from axon terminals.
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How do you spell dendritic?

The word is spelled dendritic, just as you spelled it. The word means relating to or resembling a dendrite.
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What does the dendrite branch do?

Dendrites are important in neurology because they receive electric impulses and are essential for nerve cells.