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What is a deposition?

Deposition is the process in which material is laid down. Deposition is when you move or deposit stuff from one place toanother Or The laying down of material in a natural pro (MORE)
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Where does deposition occur?

Usually at the bottom of lakes, seas, and oceans, although some deposition will occur on dry land in basins. Or Stream deposition occurs as streamflow drops below the critical (MORE)

What are NRI deposits?

To attract money, government/RBI allows NRIs to deposit funds in  Indian Banks, usually, at a lucrative interest rate. They can be of  various forms viz - short term, long t (MORE)
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What is deposition for science?

Deposition is the geological process in which sediments, soil, and  rocks are controversial in its acceptance into mainstream coastal  science as the theory.

What does deposit mean?

The word deposit means to add to or to put money into an  account, usually in a bank. It can also mean to insert; to place  very carefully. As a noun, it can mean many thing (MORE)