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Diagnosis of hypokalemia?

Answer . Potassium ion levels are measured in the blood serum. If the levels fall below the normal range, the patient is diagonised with hypokalemia.
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What is the diagnosis of myocardial?

The myocardium is the muscle of the heart, so myocardial inflammation would be swelling of this tissue, for instance. A myocardial infarction is also known as a heart attack, (MORE)
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What is pulse diagnosis?

Pulse diagnosis is a diagnostic technique used in several healing systems to determine the health conditions and course of treatment for patients.
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What is the diagnosis for anxiety?

The diagnosis of anxiety is difficult and complex because of the variety of its causes and the highly personalized and individualized nature of its symptom formation. There ar (MORE)
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What is the diagnosis for cardiomyopathy?

A complete physical examination and health history review by a health care provider is recommended if a person is suspected to have cardiomyopathy
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What is the diagnosis for PSP?

PSP is sometimes mistaken for Parkinson's disease, which is also associated with stiffness, frequent falls, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, and decreased spontaneous mo (MORE)
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What is the diagNOSIS for 87491?

87491 is the procedure code for a chlamydia test. Chlamydia testingis most commonly done for screening; for intance all women 15-26should get tested for chlamydia annually. In (MORE)
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What is the diagnosis of epilepsy?

A diagnosis of Epilepsy is given when someone has recurring seizures. Anyone can at any time have a seizure and then never have one again, but if someone gets regular seizures (MORE)
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What is the diagnosis for 80156?

80156 is a procedure code for a Tegretol level. Typical diagnosiscodes are in the 296.xx series indicating bipolar disorder, but anycondition requiring Tegretol, such as tic d (MORE)