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Does Dib have a girlfriend?

Yes, Dibs does have a girlfriend. Her name is Kate and she comes from Sweden. It is said that he is going to propose to her soon, knowing that she already has a daughter at th ( Full Answer )
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Who is dib?

If you were talking about Dib Membrane, he is a paranormal investigator from Invader Zim (Property of Jhonen Vasquez + Nickelodeon) He is obsessed with Zim, an Irken alein sen ( Full Answer )
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Is Dib cool?

Dib is one of the best characters from the Invader Zim cartoon ! Yes , Dib is cool as are the rest of the Invader Zim characters . No Gaz and Gir are said to be the best.
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Is dib crazy?

Dib Membrane is just obsessed with the paranormal and to expose Zim as an alien .
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Is dibs is a crush?

yes dibs means you chose whoever you choose as cute. example Dianna said dibs on Joshua that means no one else you are dibbing with can have a crush or marry that Person
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What does dib dib dob dob mean in scouts?

It is actually spelt DYB and DOB. DYB is - Do Your Best, DOB is - Do Our Best. So we are asked to 'Do Your Best' and we reply we will 'Do Our Best'.
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When Is Dibs Birthday?

His Birth date is March 4th And Because He Was 11 When The Show First Started In 2001 He is Now About 20 Or So Years Old And Soon to Be 21 On March 4th 2011 Which Means He Can ( Full Answer )
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Who is Joe Dib?

Joe Dib is a mii that Alex and Ben made on the wii. Ben made a song about him and alex says shut up Joe Dib!!! PIE IS OH SO YUMMY!!!!! Sorry, Alex didn't say that it was me, I ( Full Answer )
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Where is dib membrane?

Do you mean where does he live? If so, it's never been specified, but rumor has it that he lives in Detroit, Michigan.
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What are the rules of dibs?

The rules of dibs are quite clear, if you dibs an object or an activity or seat that seat is now yours. However it can be over ruled by Dragons Locked!