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How did Warren G. Harding die?

Heart attack or stroke probably. His death was sudden and rather  mysterious. His wife would not let an autopsy be performed so the  cause of his death was a subject for muc (MORE)

What is the origin of the expression die hard?

The expression" Die Hard"originated from the battle of Albuhera on 16th May 1811.Forces from the British,Spanish and Portugese armies engaged the French Army at the Spanish vi (MORE)

Die hard English actor?

Alan Rickman played the lead villain (though some say he is the hero) Hans Gruber in the original Die Hard. The actor is english, but the character is German. Jeremy Irons pl (MORE)

Is die-hard a hyphenated word?

Not typically. Most dictionaries do not even list the hyphen form.   The word "diehard" is a noun meaning someone who stubbornly refuses  to give up or quit. Used as a no (MORE)

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