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How do you get discovered?

well try posting ur self singing on youtube find record managers send them a CD of u singing or buy this book : how to be a star

How can you get discovered?

Ok kid. First, you need an agent. Yes, you kind of have to have one. They know all of the inside people and can tell you when and how to get auditions. Then, depending on wher (MORE)

When was mercury discovered and who discovered it?

The element Mercury was known to ancient Chinese and Hindus before 2000 BC and was found in tubes in Egyptian tombs dated from 1500 BC It was used to format amalgams of othe (MORE)
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When was the first airplane discovered and who discovered it?

The first airplane was invented in 1903 by Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright (brothers). It flew for 12 seconds ANS 2 - MANY inventors across the world invented and flew sh (MORE)

How is he discovered?

Justin was discovered on YouTube by scooter Braun but usher wanted to represent Justin and so did Justin timberlake so usher and Justin Timberlake had a duel. Then usher won s (MORE)

How can you discover?

Discovery is a function of unveiling something previously unknown. Most people never think of what they don't know or understand, yet they still discover personal things. Most (MORE)