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How do you get diseases?

You get diseases from disease-causing agents called pathogens. Pathogens can be bacterial, viral, fungal, parasite-caused, etc.
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How can you get a disease?

There are many ways to get a disease. You may have caught a disease from a sick person or someone who has been in contact to a sick person; certain diseases, like measles, tub (MORE)
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How do you get a disease?

There are many different ways in which the human body can become infected with a disease. But some of the most common ways to become infected are: #Sexual Intercourse # (MORE)
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Why do we have diseases?

If we don't get sick we can't build up a resistance to the different viruses. That is why small children often are sick.

Can you get a disease from no where?

Not quite from nowhere. Crohns can flare rapidly and remain undiagnosed for a long time. A healthy adult can notice flu like symptoms such as cramping and diarrhea and ignor (MORE)

Can you get a disease after you had it?

It depends on the disease. First of all, some diseases are too strong for the immune system to destroy on its own. These can be eradicated by medications or treatments butthen (MORE)

How can you get diseases?

You can get infectious disease if you contact pathogens from the air, from insect bites, touching someone or something that has pathologic organisms on them, drinking contamin (MORE)

What do you do when you have a disease?

Obviously, you should seek a health care professional forevaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, then follow theirinstructions very carefully and diligently. Educate yourself a (MORE)