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What is a disinfectant?

Something that kills microbial activity In a short summary, disinfectant destroy microorgainisms which are germs
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How do you disinfect?

You wash the item with clean, hot soapy water then rinse or wipe clean afterwards.
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What is disinfection?

Inhibit or reduce the number of organisms. Can only be used on non-living objects. It's can be defined as the process that destroys pathogens(disease causing microorganisms).
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Is ammonia a disinfectant?

Ammonia is a disinfectant. It is a harsh disinfectant, so should be used only on inanimate objects, and should be rinsed thoroughly after use. It should never be combined with ( Full Answer )
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What is a disinfectant - detergent?

Disinfectent is a chemical used to destroy all microbes on a surface.. It is NOT used on the body as its far too strong.. A detergent is used to kill the microbes on a fabri ( Full Answer )
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What is Ventilation disinfection?

not sure but maybe you blow relli hot air over an infected area to steralise it
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What does disinfected means?

Disinfected means to cleanse (rooms, wounds, clothing, etc.) of infection. Courtesy of Use it if you have questions like this :)
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Is toothpaste a disinfectant?

In the UK, it is common to use triclosan (Zinc Chloride), which isan antibacterial agent that reduces tartar and bad breath.Triclosan is also used in several other cleaning pr ( Full Answer )
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How do you disinfect refrigerator?

Disinfecting a refrigerator is very easy. You will need hot soapy water and a cleaner such as Lysol. Simply wash the refrigerator with the cleaning solution and dry.
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What are disinfectant sprays?

Disinfectant sprays are useful to sanitize large areas. It is goodfor use in closed places, toilets, sick rooms. You can also use onsurfaces like door handles, telephone hands ( Full Answer )