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What is a cheat disk?

Yes A cheat disk is the world's most powerful cheat code system and video game enhancer just got even better! Burn your own PS2 compatible movies, MP3 music and retro game dis (MORE)

Why you do Disk Defragmentation?

When files are created/edited/deleted they cause gaps in your hard drive structure. When a high level of fragmentation is reached (15% and above) your system will become slowe (MORE)

What is a hard disk?

A hard disk or hard drive is the place on the computer where files are magnetically written to. The disk uses a metal head to read, write, create, copy, move or delete files o (MORE)

What is Disk On Chip?

Disk on Chip is a non-volatile memory which has overcome the disadvantage of nand flash memory   The difference is that   NAND FLASH   Access Method : Sequential   (MORE)
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What are the advantages of disk to disk backup?

There are advantages of back-up to disk technology. It is four times faster than tape backup, data can be compressed so that more data can be stored in less space, data can b (MORE)

What are Flash disks?

  Answer   Flash memory stores permanent information on some palm-sized computers. Unlike RAM (random-access memory), flash memory can continue to store information (MORE)

What is FSCK disk?

Usually pronounced Fisk Disk, FSCK is a linux/unix software command used for file system checking.   fsck [options] [filesystem] ...   System administration command. Cal (MORE)

What does the disk fragmentation?

When your hard disk has just been defragmented, all the programs and files are (to carry the figure) neatly stacked on the shelves where they belong. Every time you use a prog (MORE)

How to do partition of disk?

Be very cautious about setting up partitions on your harddrive--the system is not very forgiving and you may not be able to get back full functionality if you decide to undo i (MORE)