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What is a disk?

A disk is magnetically-writable medium that you put in a disk driveinside a computer (PC). A disc, on the other hand, is opticallywritable (such as a CD or DVD). The easy way (MORE)

Floppy Disk and Hard Disk?

These days (2012) you will not find many floppy disks (although just a couple of years ago we had to order special floppy drives for a server because some software would only (MORE)

What is disking?

"Disking" is a colloquialism for the using of a disc harrow in a farming operation. See the related link below to see Wikipedia's description and some pictures.
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What are the advantages of disk to disk backup?

There are advantages of back-up to disk technology. It is four times faster than tape backup, data can be compressed so that more data can be stored in less space, data can b (MORE)