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Is dizzyness and disorientation a pregnancy sign?

Answer . \nyes, your body is producing hormones to care for the baby, so other hormones may go wack and cause you to be very tired, or disoriented.
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What is disorientation?

the loss of proper bearings, or a state of mental confusion as to time, place, or identity.
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What causes disorientation?

Many disorders and diseases can cause disorientation. Some of theseinclude brain diseases like dementia and brain tumors,psychological disorders like anxiety and panic disorde ( Full Answer )
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What would cause disorientation in goats?

If more than one animal is affected, suspect something they ate. It may be something they drank, but food is more probable. What have they been eating?
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What does disorientate mean?

i have no clue what it means but you might check they have at least 100 dictionary sites if search up dictionary websites.
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Can the flu cause disorientation?

Yes, it can be a common symptom of the flu. Fluid in the inner ear, drugs, sugar and excessive amounts of caffeine have also been known triggers. Maintain hydration.
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Which is correct-disoriented or disorientated?

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Can diabetes cause disorientation?

Diabetics can frequently have peaks and crashes in blood sugar. Low blood sugar as well as high can cause a plethora of problems one of which being dizziness and disorientatio ( Full Answer )
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Why stroke people have a confusion and disorientation?

A stroke affects different parts of the brain - it varies fromperson to person. Some sufferers have their memory affected, somehave speech problems and some have restricted mo ( Full Answer )