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What are dissecting pins?

Dissecting pins are used to hold down the body of your specimen when being dissected.
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What are plateaus?

A plateau is a landform characterized by a flat-topped region that is elevated above the surrounding lands. (Some high plateaus are described as "mountains with their tops cu (MORE)

What is a dissecting kit?

  A dissecting kit is a set of instruments that would be needed to perform a dissection (that is to cut open and display) on an animal or plant. The kit would contain sc (MORE)

Why is dissecting real animals important?

That question brings to mind a field trip that my herpetology class took to do a population survey on some salamanders that lived in the vicinity of a cliff. One of the studen (MORE)
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What is axillary dissection?

Axillary dissection is a surgical procedure that incises (opens) the armpit (axilla or axillary) to identify, examine, or remove lymph nodes (small glands, part of the lymphat (MORE)

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