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Is dmx married?

DMX is married but separated from his wife at the same time. Meaning yes they're still legally married just not living in the same household or just not in a husband and wife ( Full Answer )
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Is dmx alive?

DMX is alive; now it all depends on which DMX you are referring to; Davy dmx, DMX the original human beat box whom battled dougie fresh; he was JUST-ICE's human beat box; mean ( Full Answer )
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Did Dmx retire?

Not quite - after releasing Year of the Dog (Again) he left Sony Colombia - apparently because a 'Now' various astists album was released at the same time as his and all marke ( Full Answer )
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Who inspired DMX?

tupac did. when dmx came out he wore a bandana and a bald head like PAC.his song i can feel it was just like pacs starring in my rear view. both of them sampled Phil Collins s ( Full Answer )
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Why Is DMX In Prison?

DMX was arrested for allegedly violating his parole by using drugs. He is now serving a full year term for the crime. On December 20, 2010, DMX was moved to Mental Health Unit ( Full Answer )
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How is dmx doing?

I Think he is in Prison, Dmx is 100% in my heart ..... keep ya head up, :)
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Is dmx a Christian?

not from the looks of it, but people can change. We're not to judge, but the Gospel's conviction should should show in his life.
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What movies was dmx in?

DMX was in Belly, Romeo Must Die, Backstage,Exit Wounds, Angel: One More Road to Cross, Cradle 2 the Grave,Never Die Alone, Father of Lies, Death Toll, Last Hour, Lords ofthe ( Full Answer )
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Is DMX sick?

Please improve you question. People answering questions aren't able to answer this question with as direct/specific information other then opinion an interpretation of what is ( Full Answer )
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Who is DMX brother?

He only has half siblings. He has 2 half sister in his mother'sside sisters, also had 2 younger half brothers who died at birth;& has 2 younger half brothers in his father's s ( Full Answer )