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What time did the dummies attack on Doctor Who series 1 episode 1?

Because the Nestene Consciousness got mad at The Doctor for destroying his/her planet in the old series where all he did was he couldn't save it from certain destruction. The (MORE)
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Was Doctor Dolittle a real person?

Dr. Dolittle wasn't a real person. He is a character created by Hugh Lofting for a series of childrens' stories. Dr. Dolittle was played by Rex Harrison in the first movie bas (MORE)

What is a doctor?

A doctor is a medical practitioner, ie. he/she practices medicine.  The primary role of a medical doctor is to maintain or restore  human health. This is done through studyi (MORE)

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Who is Doctor Who?

The Doctor   Doctor Who is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords are  effectively immortal under normal circumstances, since they  regenerate at death. They (MORE)

What is Doctor Who about?

It's a British science fiction television program about time  travel. The Doctor is the only remaining Time Lord after the Time  War. The Daleks wiped out his entire species (MORE)

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