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Can you get dope sick from suboxone?

yes....not as bad as dope. but it will definitely cause withdrawal I would have to disagree with you on this, it will have to depend on how you ingested it and how much you wh (MORE)

What is meant by doping?

Administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance.Be heavily under the influence of drugs, typically illegal ones.Ad (MORE)

What is the difference between phosphorus doped and gallium doped semiconductors?

phosphorus doped semiconductor will be N type.gallium doped semiconductor will be P type. There are also other differences due to the different size of the dopant atoms.
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Definition of doping?

In Sports, doping is when an athlete uses a substance, generally an illegal drug or drug that can only be obtain via a prescription, that that they believe will affect their p (MORE)
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What is blood doping?

"Blood Doping" is when an athlete removes about a quart of  their own blood and freezes it so it doesn't die. Once the blood  has grown back into the body the extracted bloo (MORE)

Why does doping increase conductivity?

  Answer   Doping a semiconductor provides additional charge carriers to the material.  The dopant atoms are easily ionized, and this provides the semiconductor wit (MORE)

What is inadvertent doping?

i think inadvertent doping is when someone takes drugs without knowing it . Like if an athlete is eating or drinking something or even taking per scripted medicine and there a (MORE)
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What is Dope Thinner?

Very light airplanes models can be constructed with balsa and covered with tissue. The dope is a sort of varnish used to harden the tissue. The dope thinner is a solvent ( (MORE)

Why is doping illegal?

Because the government believes most enhancing-drugs are addictive and cause brain and/or body damage over years of using. Either the government cares about athletes' integr (MORE)

How is silicon doped?

First you must obtain ultra ultra pure silicon.    Then you contaminate it a very precisely controlled manner  with very tiny amounts of other carefully selected eleme (MORE)