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Definition of doping?

In Sports, doping is when an athlete uses a substance, generally an illegal drug or drug that can only be obtain via a prescription, that that they believe will affect their p (MORE)

What does DOPE mean?

Dope dyed polyester yarn is the color yarn,the yarn produced by the new technology. This yarn made by thepolyester chip and masterbatch, the yarn with directly, and it noneed (MORE)

What is in Smurf dope?

Smurf dope is one of two things. Its either (a) Meth that is cut with a substance to make it that color as a marketing tool for dealers or (b) very strong highly pure dope tha (MORE)

What is doping in chemistry?

Addition of small amount of foreign impurity in the host crystal isknown as doping. It increases the electrical conductivity.
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What is a doped crystal?

A crystalline solid that is stoned and high with dope such as marijuana and cocaine.

What is a chocolate dope?

When I was a kid (around 55 years ago) my mom told me to ask for a chocolate dope at the ice cream store because I didn't like nuts and whipped cream. They would give me scoop (MORE)
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What is meant by doping?

Administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance. . Be heavily under the influence of drugs, typically illegal one (MORE)