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What are Dope Dyed Yarns?

Dope Dyed Yarn is a synthetic Yarn where the Polymer, before the  extrusion process, is mixed with dye and and extruded fibres are  then coloured.web site (MORE)

Do you need pipe dope for brass to brass?

Yes, it is still a pipe thread. The pipe dope is there to fill in the gaps in the thread. It is impossible to machine the treads close enough in pipe to not need something in (MORE)

What is meant by doping?

Administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance.Be heavily under the influence of drugs, typically illegal ones.Ad (MORE)

What is the word origin of the word 'dope'?

The American English word dope was coined in 1807, meaning "sauce, gravy, thick liquid", from the Dutch word doop, meaning "thick dipping sauce". It acquired its extension to (MORE)

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Definition of doping?

In Sports, doping is when an athlete uses a substance, generally an illegal drug or drug that can only be obtain via a prescription, that that they believe will affect their p (MORE)
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What is Dope Thinner?

Very light airplanes models can be constructed with balsa and covered with tissue. The dope is a sort of varnish used to harden the tissue. The dope thinner is a solvent ( (MORE)