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How do you blood dope?

  there are different techniques used to cheat via blood altering. one is a blood transfusion that some atheletes used to do basically to give them more blood hence more h (MORE)
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What is blood doping?

"Blood Doping" is when an athlete removes about a quart of  their own blood and freezes it so it doesn't die. Once the blood  has grown back into the body the extracted bloo (MORE)

What is inadvertent doping?

i think inadvertent doping is when someone takes drugs without knowing it . Like if an athlete is eating or drinking something or even taking per scripted medicine and there a (MORE)
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What is a dope test?

an official test to discover whether a person or an animal taking part in a competition has been given any drugs to make their performance better or worse.

Why is there a need of doping?

Pure semiconductors are insulators at room temperature. Impurities  must be added to imbalance the covalent bonds of the crystal  structure to make them conduct. This proces (MORE)

What is doping in semiconductors?

semiconductors will be having some charged particles but for practical purpose the free charges should be available in abundant quantity. so in order to increase the charge pa (MORE)
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What is mean of doping?

Doping means taking steroids to enhance the physical ability of an athlete,or in any sports arena by surpassing other contenders in the overall performance.
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What was the rope a dope?

The rope-a-dope is a boxing fighting style commonly associated with Muhammad Ali in his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against George Foreman.
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