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Where did Justice William O. Douglas stand on Brown v. Board of Education?

Brown v. Board of Education, 347 US 483 (1954) Justice William O. Douglas wrote: "In the original conference there were only four who voted that segregation in the public sch (MORE)

What critical appreciation of chapter deep water by William Douglas?

The chapter deals with two basic aspects of human nature: the creation of fear due to any particular circumstance and the ability to over come that fear. The author of the cha (MORE)

How long did U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas serve on the Court?

William O. Douglas has the distinction of being the longest-serving Supreme Court Justice in history, with a tenure of 36 years, 209 days. He was nominated by President Roosev (MORE)

What did Douglas Bader do?

He was a famed double amputee from an air crash (one leg below knee, one above knee), who became an ace fighter pilot, strategist and wing commander in the Royal Air Force in (MORE)

Who was Douglas MacArthur?

MacArthur was the commander of U.S. Forces in the Pacific during WW2. He was also the Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces in the Pacific, as Eisenhower was in Europe. Use t (MORE)

Who was Douglas Bader?

Douglas Bader was a pilot who lost both his legs in a flying accident in the 1930's. He taught himself to walk again with artificial legs and when World War 2 started, he mana (MORE)

Why did Thomas Jefferson go to a school taught by William Douglas?

Jefferson attended the school of William Douglas basically because it was his father's will to do so, as he wanted his son to have a great education enriched with the classics (MORE)

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