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What is downloading?

Downloading refers to retrieving a file from another computer overthe Internet. As you browse the Internet each page and image youview is something your browser has downloaded (MORE)

Can you download?

Are you asking if you can Download windows? If so, Yes, but you should buy it as a download from, not using any third party websites. If you are asking if you ca (MORE)

What is a download?

down loading is the act of moving a file from a neutral place on the internet to your computer. and yes it can be illegal if you download the wrong types of things.

What is to download?

Download means to copy something from somewhere into another place.Typically this is done over the internet from one computer systemto another computer system.

Where do you download?

That depends a lot what you want to download. However, you can get lots of free - and legal - downloads from sites such as,, and others. A Google searc (MORE)