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What are Pee- Wee Babies?

Pee-Wee Babies are from Idate a Bad Boy (Icarly). Carly thought her nwe bf. was a total bad boy but she found out that he collects stuffed animals. Pee-wee Babies are not actu (MORE)

How old is Pee-Wee Herman?

The fictional character Pee-wee Herman is portrayed as a  20-something character who (somewhat like Peter Pan) has never  grown up and acts in an adolescent or pre-pubescent (MORE)

What ever happened to Pee Wee Marquette?

  The last time I saw Pee Wee Marquette was probably in the 60's - after the original Birdland had closed. He was acting as the doorman for a Hawaiian Restaurant called "H (MORE)

Did Donald pee wee gaskins have a son?

no however, he does have a daughter In his autobiography, The Final Truth, Gaskins does talk about having a son. He was much younger than his daughter. When he became estrang (MORE)

What kind of dog is pee wee Herman's dog Speck?

It was a German Shepherd. ...Uh no, I just must go out of my way a million years later to say that you should WATCH the movies before you go trying to answer questions. SPEC (MORE)

When was Pee Wee Herman born?

"Pee-wee Herman" is the creation and alter ego of comedian PaulReubens (born August 27, 1952). The character was developed while Reuben was a member of theGroundlings comedy (MORE)

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