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What is a dragoon?

Answer . The definition of "dragoon" depends upon what source you derive the term from.\n. \nIn a historical sense, dragoons were a cavalry unit equipped with a light pist (MORE)

What is dragoon?

\n\nAn armored warrior who fights with the spirit of the dragon or in a historical sense, it's a member of a European military equipped to fight mounted or on foot.\n

What are dragoons?

Dragoons are mounted infantry. For mobility, they ride on horseback like cavalry but dismount and fight on foot when they reach the battlefield. They also had guns called dra (MORE)

How do you unlock the Dragoon?

All Dragoon transformations are unlocked through the story. As you continue to play, the story unfolds and you gain the ability to tranform into Dragoon state.
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Is l-drago the same as dragoon?

No, Dragoon is the strongest bey in the world. L drago is good but not as good that it can defeat Dragoon.